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What is a personal tax accountant Toronto?

A personal tax accountant Toronto will help you file your personal income taxes as well as any deductions, business expenses or other incomes that may be part of your personal affairs. A personal tax accountant Toronto is able to provide written documentation for personal income taxes and can represent you in court, if needed. The personal tax accountant helps make sure all necessary steps are taken during filing season, giving recommendations where necessary. The personal tax accountant also has a vast knowledge of taxes and comprehensive information on deductions and credits to ensure your return is filed accurately whilst maximizing any available benefits. They stay up-to-date with the current changes regarding personal taxes at both federal and provincial levels. They also have a good understanding of personal taxes and can work with you to determine if filing taxes for personal income is necessary.

Why do I need a personal tax accountant Toronto?

You need a personal tax accountant because personal taxes are complex and filing them by yourself can be tricky. With personal income tax deductions, credits, refunds, responsibilities, the list goes on. A personal tax accountant Toronto will be able to file your personal taxes accurately and efficiently.

More importantly though is to make sure that you are paying the correct amount of money in personal taxes based on what you owe for the year. A personal tax accountant Toronto will calculate all of this correctly so that you don’t end up owing too much or not enough money to the government at the end of each fiscal year. Many people also forget about certain rules when they file their personal tax returns on their own, and end up paying more than necessary or forgetting about some deductions and credits they are eligible for. This is where a personal tax accountant comes in: you don’t have to waste countless hours looking for deductions and credits just before the deadline, because they’ve already done it! A personal tax accountant Toronto has access to software that makes personal tax filing a breeze and can maximize your return.

So whether you’re a student, an employee, self-employed, or retired; it’s in your best interest to hire a personal tax accountant so you can rest assured that your personal taxes are done right.

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What's the difference between a normal accountant and a personal tax accountant Toronto?

Normally, an accountant helps you keep track of your personal finances and plan for the future. Once personal finance is going well, a personal tax accountant can take over personal tax filing so that you don’t have to worry about how much money you owe come April 30th. Accountants normally specialize in taxes, but personal tax accountants are also great with personal finance management and planning; they know all there is to know about personal taxes!
A normal accountant will review your financial statements such as bank statements (checking & savings accounts), credit card statements, etc. A personal tax accountant Toronto will make sure that your income tax return has been filed accurately and do an extensive analysis of it once it’s completed by you or another individual. Personal tax accountants will also provide personal tax planning and review personal finances.

What should I look for in a personal tax accountant Toronto?

First of all, you should make sure that your personal tax accountant is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA). This ensures that he has the necessary knowledge and skills to do his job well. Secondly, make sure you find someone who will communicate with you often so that you feel involved in personal finance decisions – your personal tax accountant should ask for input from you before filing your personal taxes. Lastly, finding an individual who speaks fluently about personal finance management is very advantageous as they are able to maximize other deductions such as RRSPs or other investments that you hand off to them. For example, a personal tax accountant can make sure that you maximize your RRSP contribution for the previous calendar year.

Do personal tax accountants only deal with personal taxes?

Personal tax accountants can also deal with business taxes, for sole proprietorships and small businesses (sole proprietorship is the easiest business structure to set up). In fact, personal tax accountants must file your personal return before they work on a small business personal tax return. If you have a large company or corporation, then you need to hire an accountant who deals specifically with corporate taxes. The difference between a personal tax accountant Toronto and a corporate one is that corporate returns will be more complicated as there are many rules involving corporate finance and taxation. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re hiring a personal tax accountant, their specialization most likely lies in personal taxes.
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