Payroll Accountant

What is Payroll Accounting?

One of the most well-known components in an enterprise’s financial structure is payroll. Payroll accounting allows payroll to be managed, tracked and reported within an organization. Organizations utilize accounting systems to manage this aspect of their business operations because payroll can lead to a significant portion of any company’s financial commitment each month. It is important for companies with human resources departments to have these tools in place because payroll touches nearly every department in an organization.

The primary goal of payroll accounting is to ensure accurate compensation for employees while properly managing cash flow through timely payment. The amount that needs to be paid out each pay period varies based on the total number of hours worked by all employees combined. Any time off taken by an employee due to vacation, illness or injury has to be factored in so that the payroll accountant can accurately input the total number of hours worked.

Accounting software can help companies compensate their employees accurately by automating several payroll-related processes. Organizations also gain insight into payroll information with accounting software. This allows them to see payroll trends and make any necessary adjustments that will keep payroll expenses under control while still paying employees what they are owed. Organizations that cannot easily access their payroll information risk running afoul of compliance standards such as tax laws, minimum wage requirements and other types of local, state and federal employment regulations.

The goal of a payroll accountant is to ensure every hour worked by an employee is accounted for accurately each month while keeping cash flow on track with payment deadlines set by the payroll system. This type of payroll management allows an organization to pay its employees in a timely manner while complying with employment laws and keeping payroll costs under control.

What can a Payroll Accountant do?

A payroll accountant, also known as payroll staffs and payroll officers, is responsible for paying employees envelopes that contain their salaries and allowances. They must be able to calculate the right amount of tax deduction and ensure that employees get paid on time.

Before payroll processing, payroll accountants need to verify with managers on what payroll information is required from their employees. This payroll information might include rate of pay, deductions made from the payroll cheques, and changes in personnel numbers. Verifying this payroll data with employees ensures employees follow the right payroll process too.

In Toronto, they earn a salary around $36000/year on average according to Job Bank Canada’s data analysis in 2015. Having a degree in accounting can help you get a job in big organizations such as Telus Mobility, TD Canada Trust Tax Department and Walmart Canada Head Office among others.

After collecting all the payroll information from managers and verifying it with employees, payroll accountants will use special programs or computer payroll programs to do payroll calculations and produce payroll cheques. Once payroll accountants finish payroll calculation, they will create payroll packages and distribute it to the different departments in their organizations so an authorized person can process payroll. For example, a payroll accountant working for Telus Mobility will prepare payroll envelopes for all employees under that employer or company before handing the task over to the payroll department who then processes it.

To become a payroll accountant you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or finance. It is also helpful to have an advanced diploma such as an ACP designation (Accredited Canadian Payroll Professional) which takes about two years to complete after earning your diploma in business administration/management or finance. This professional designation tests your knowledge of company policies, legal liabilities and industry standards. You may be able to find entry-level job with no previous experience if you have an accounting designation or some college education in accounting.

An average Toronto payroll accountant needs around 2-3 weeks of work experience to start getting paid well enough because employers generally test whether applicants got what it takes through internship or short term projects first. To gain this work experience, you can apply as a pay clerk (payroll staff) and get your foot in the door while looking for better payroll accountant jobs. Experience with workshops or seminars that allow you to network with others who are already in the field . Your own network of connections will help with the job search as well. There are also many online courses that you can take to gain the skills necessary to gain a certification to increase your hiring prospects.

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People in need of payroll accountant services may either choose to reach out to a specific company or agency that can provide these services or simply look online for free advice. Professional Toronto payroll accountant firms are important because people may end up facing issues with the government if their statements are inaccurate. For example, an individual who has improperly managed their payroll could potentially receive a letter from the Bureau of Internal Revenue asking for payment for unpaid taxes due to the discrepancy in their accounts. Depending on how much he/she owes, he/she might get penalty charges added to the total amount owed. Professional Toronto accountants services help individuals avoid this penalty by providing their services to ensure salaries and accounts are properly filled out and recorded every year.

Payroll accountant services available online can be very helpful especially when it comes time to prepare for yearly reports or any other finance-related deadlines. There are many websites that offer payroll accountant services to people who need help maintaining and organizing their accounts and statements into regular reports. Individuals just need to download the necessary forms, fill them out and then submit them online for payroll accountants to handle the rest. People can also send an email if they have any questions about their taxes or what they should be doing next.

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