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What is HST?

If your company sells taxable items or services in Canada and generates more than $30,000 a year, you must submit HST reports. The harmonized sales tax (HST) is a provincial sales tax that has been combined with the GST. The HST is also a consumption tax in Canada. This tax is paid by the customers of the business. It is used in provinces where both the federal goods and services tax and the regional provincial sales tax have been combined into a single value added sales tax. The HST in Ontario is 13%. Businesses collect HST on sales and remit the HST collected to the CRA after subtracting the HST paid on expenses. HST return is filed as monthly, quarterly and yearly.
HST paid on expenses cannot be claimed as reimbursable. The HST filing requirements are the same for all the businesses except HST registrants who are small suppliers. Small suppliers are not required to collect HST, but they still have to file HST returns every month even if HST was not collected. HST small suppliers are also known as HST exempt persons. HST is based on self-assessment, therefore HST registrants have to file a HST return even if they do not have any HST amount to report for the period. However, HST registrants may apply for rebates of the HST paid or payable resulting from their purchases and expenses.

We understand that some small firms are required to register for HST regardless of their revenue. Our objective is to help you fulfill CRA requirements in your industry and avoid penalties as a result of late or missed filings. TY TAX Accounting is one of the best Toronto accounting firms and offers not only HST filing assistance but other tax services as well.

File your HST Returns on Time

A HST return can be filed quarterly or monthly. HST returns must be submitted on the right date and filing frequency as mentioned below:

  • Firms with annual HST taxable supplies above $2 million file HST returns quarterly
  • Firms with annual HST taxable supplies between $500,001 and $2 million file HST returns monthly

The HST return has to be filed within six months after the end of a quarter and 12 months for monthly filers. If any taxes are due, you need to pay them in full before the filing deadline. You also need to submit your HST return on time even if no taxes are owed. For example, if GST was reported but not HST, you still should report HST and file a return.

Failure to file HST would result in HST penalties as well as interest on late or unpaid balances. HST filings can also attract interest and penalty for late payments. HST returns must be filed electronically through the CRA Webfile program if you have more than $1 million in HST taxable revenue, otherwise they should be submitted using GST/ HST NETFILE software. At TY TAX Accounting Services, we provide exceptional assistance with HST filing and can help you meet your deadlines .

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Get Help with Filing HST Returns in Toronto

Many people are unsure of where to begin when it’s time to file HST returns in Toronto. Hiring a professional HST filing service is the best way to ensure that you get all of your HST money back that you deserve without having to spend hours and hours doing so yourself. HST filing can be quite complicated and these returns often require help from professionals who understand HST rules. Hiring a professional HST service also means that you will avoid common HST filing errors that many people make when they file their own returns.
Hiring an HST filing service doesn’t just save you time, but it ensures that your return is filed correctly and that you get all of the money back that you deserve. HST services in Toronto charge a fee for their tax filing services, but these services can save taxpayers many hours and much frustration by ensuring that they know how to properly file an HST return.

Different HST Filing Options

Taxpayers can choose between HST filing software and HST filing services. HST filing software is often more affordable than HST filing services, but it is important to keep in mind that HST filing software may not be as accurate as an actual tax filing agency. This is especially crucial when your tax filing software can’t take into account specific regulations and criteria, but a professional could. A tax professional can also answer any tax-related questions that business owners have, whereas HST filing software can’t.
If you’re thinking about hiring an accounting agency, there are four reasons why TY TAX is the right agency to help you with with filing HST returns in Toronto:

We don't outsource any HST filings

All of our services are done by our team of tax professionals.

HST Filing

TY TAX offers affordable tax filing prices so you don't have to pick between getting your taxes done and saving money.

HST Refunds

Our team of experienced professionals will work hard to get you the maximum refund possible based on your situation.


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