This article by Tax Accountant Toronto experts will give you a basic understanding of the significance of incorporating a company in Canada, as well as a step-by-step procedure for doing so. A business incorporated in Canada is a legal entity that is distinct from its owners and shareholders.

Canadian firms can be incorporated at either the federal or provincial level, which Tax Accountant Toronto team will cover further down. There are many reasons why an entrepreneur should consider incorporating in Canada.

There are two main types of corporations:

  1. Federal corporation,
  2. Provincial corporation

Tax Accountant Toronto teams state that when it comes to the federal government’s tax policies, there is no significant difference between C Corporations and Ltd. corporations. Both types of enterprises are treated equally for corporate tax purposes.

The federal corporation is a public figure who has certain information available on the industry Canada website, whereas the provincial corporation is more of a private figure.

There isn’t much of a difference in the day-to-day operations of these two types of corporations. All corporations pay tax on their income and most provide employment opportunities for Canadians.

  • Company Name, Incorporation date
  • Directors and residency requirement
  • Business activity, Classes of shares
  • Corporate minute book, Corporation address, Virtual mailing address

After you’ve completed all of the conditions to file articles of incorporations and received the certificate of incorporation, you’ll need to open a Corporate Bank Account as well as apply for a Corporate Credit Card.

Tax Accountant Toronto team state that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires you to obtain a Business Number and Corporation Income Tax Account. If your sales reach $30,000 or more, your business will have to register for GST/HST.

At some point, almost every small business owner considers whether or not to incorporate his company. Small companies may begin as sole proprietorship’s or partnerships and later become incorporated as the firm expands, which is a typical scenario. To summarize, there are only four stages of incorporating a business in Canada:

  1. Deciding on a business name
  2. Get a business number
  3. Decide to incorporate federally or provincially
  4. Register for GST/HST