When many of us or businesses receive a CRA notification that we’ve been selected for audit, the emotions we experience are characterized by fear and anxiety. Business tax returns are particularly examined by the CRA, and there is no way to get out of an audit.

However, you may avoid an IRS audit by following the measures stated below by tax accountant Toronto team. We begin with CRA’s criteria for selecting returns.

How CRA Selects Files For Audits

The CRA’s risk assessment system assesses files for audit depending on these potential issues.

  • There are some major errors in tax return
  • Non-compliance indications with tax duties
  • Comparison with similar category businesses’ tax returns shows something suspicious

Any picked business CRA is audited thoroughly, including the books and other records kept for the purpose of proof. They make sure that the existing laws and standards are followed correctly, according to the law’s requirements.

Avoid These 10 Blunders

1) Business Income Outlier

When you declare your income to be very low or greater than the typical income of a comparable sector in Canada Revenue Agency, CRA collects numerous files from different-category businesses. They have comprehensive information about profit ranges of various and comparable industries for comparison.

2) Income Declaration Inconsistencies

You must be aware of your financial statements in a variety of locations, such as the banking industry and other businesses. They must correspond to the data you submit because these records are evaluated by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax Accountant Toronto team state that you’ve made a mistake if your financials don’t match, therefore you come under audit scrutiny. Also, on your income tax return, accuracy is the key. The CRA has identified income inconsistency as one of the major reasons for audits or corrective actions.

3) Payroll, Benefits And Dividends Errors

CRA does not forget about payroll errors and provincial benefit remittances even if you do so.

According to their records, provincial benefits are automatically deducted from your salary, so they’re responsible for any outstanding balance you have with your province. The same is true of federal benefits too, but if these are incorrectly deducted from your salary or if you did not submit them, CRA will get in touch with you.

4) Not Filing A Tax Return Or Misrepresentation Of Income On Your Tax Return

Not filing a tax return is a major fault that can lead to an audit. It may prove you to be guilty of something that CRA is unwilling to put up with when it comes to following the law and filing returns.

In addition, when your business grows, your activity increases too. If you continue not filing a tax return or misrepresenting income, CRA will hold you accountable.

5) Serious Tax Debts Or Obligations

As a business owner, if you owe taxes and fail to pay them regularly or timely, CRA may soon take notice of it and start proceedings for tax recovery. Tax accountant Toronto team state that if you ignore any consequences that follow this action, prepare yourself for an audit soon after.

6) Vehicle expenses claim

The CRA tax auditor can swiftly reject your claim for vehicle expense since most individuals fail to keep the documentation that is required by the agency. Another reason why the claim might be rejected by CRA is if you deduct 100 percent of automobile cost, implying that the car is solely utilized for business purposes.

In the case you don’t acquire any additional vehicles, it is substantiated that all of your claims are genuine.

7) Income Splits in the Family

If you have a large tax burden, it’s usually a good idea to distribute it between family members or your spouse who falls in the lower tax rate than business owners. If you made incorrect statements with your data, the CRA has several ways to establish the facts.

E.g. if you split your salary among your spouse and child but the latter is not employed by your company, CRA will soon find about it.

8) Donations & Charity Deductions

If you’re taking more charity deductions than your company earnings indicate, the CRA may become suspicious and result in an audit since you are reporting provisions that are above industry norms. The CRA is more likely to verify when the assets/property used in a gift matter.

9) Filling dates

Tax accountant Toronto team recommend to file your return (HST, Income Tax) on time in accordance with their notifications. It will be quite beneficial to avoid an audit.

10) Losses in Business

You must exercise caution when claiming a loss on your return, and you must combine other sources of income with business losses over time. When starting a firm, you project potential profits in the industry norm. Furthermore, the industry norm will influence your claims. If industry projections show that you are not earning enough money to be on their list, there is a chance that you will be audited.